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Regional Executing Unit

Global Village, a world of new sustainable posibilities for Latin America from Uruguay.

A big change is coming, if we face it with responsibility as the whole world with a new coexistance plan we’ll avoid the reality that will confront us, make us enemies and destroy itself. 


Sustainable Projects for Humanity

1) Certified Organic meat for exportation and cruise ships.
2) South american net of eco-tourism.
3) Agency of Latin American development.
4) Foods of the South Conglomerate.
5) Autonomous robotic Housing.
6) Re-Engineering in urbanization and development.
7) Hydrobias of didactic ecotourism.
8) Summer Latin American Bio University.
9) Productive reconversion of closed mines.
10) Native park.

Studies of Perfectibility

The study consumes about 5% to 10% of the estimated total cost of the project, it’s organized and done by system analysts.
The elaboration period would vary depending on the size and type of system to develop.

Preliminary project analysis,With the end of verifying the viability accordingly to the common interests of the involved parts and determine the people in charge responsible for the project.:



Feasibility phase

It searches generating a definitive decision in the costs, activity formulation and expected achievements stages

Common platform

Success will be achieved considering all of the aspects vinculated to the project simultaneously, with consistency of work, bettering the method and organization. 

Technical Factibility

If the necessary technology exists or is within reach.
Economic factibility 
Relation between cost, benefit and time
Operational / Organizational factibility 
If the system can work in the organization
Legal Factibility
 Adapt all the stages to current rules and laws according to each country..

Estado & Sociedad 
Integración y Desarrollo Social

El proyecto de innovación en gestión (Hub startup) que impulsamos, comenzara una transición de la economía de mercado poniendo proa orientada al Desarrollo Humano Sostenible en el Tercer Mundo y una contribución más para que la República Popular China sea la principal economía en 2020. (Industry 4.0) Este proyecto beneficia a las comunidades locales creando espacios sustentables para las nuevas generaciones y para visitantes, viajeros y estudiantes de estas rutas.


We are looking for people interested in the social integration of Asia Africa and China with Latin America